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Products Facilitate Assembly Automation

To ease assembly woes, Trilithic, Inc. recently introduced three new products: the EPA-127-3 solid-state programmable attenuator, fixed attenuator pads, and UMTS transmit and receive pads. The programmable attenuator operates from 30 MHz to 3 GHz. It features an attenuation range of 0 to 127 dB in 1-dB steps. It also boasts low insertion loss, a 20-microsecond switching speed, and TTL control. Such functionality enables greater automation of assembly. The EPA-127-3 attenuator is now available with SMA connectors. Custom design and configurations also are available.

The company's high-performance, 50-ohm, 2-W fixed attenuator pads are designed for precision control. They are offered in a wide choice of values and increments. The pads feature high accuracy (±0.3 dB or 1.5%) and a wide frequency range (DC to 2 GHz and DC to 4 GHz). Essentially, any value is available between 0.5 dB and 40 dB. Featuring a patent-pending design, the pads also boast greater automation of assembly. This line of attenuator pads, known as the Model LFP-50 Series, are now available in the user's choice of SMA, N, TNC, or BNC connector. Custom design and configurations also are available. Delivery time is set for four weeks.

In recent months, Trilithic also has announced transmit and receive filters. Designed with highly sophisticated software, they are ideal for UMTS applications. The UMTS receive filter successfully outperforms existing technologies. It maintains low insertion loss and stability over 70°C of temperature shift. By comparison, the transmit filter achieves loss levels of 2.1 dB or less without adding distortion. These transmit and receive filters were designed with greater automation of assembly and extremely low cost. They are now available.

Custom design and configurations are available as well. Contact the company for specific pricing on these and other products that are now available.

Trilithic, Inc.
9710 Park Davis Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46235; (317) 895-3600, FAX: (317) 895-3613,

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