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Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies Reach 360 W

BK_1685_0731-AModels 1685B, 1687B and 1688B, a line of bench switching mode dc power supplies from B&K Precision, offer different configurations of variable output voltage and current. The 1685B supplies 1-60 V, 0-5 A, the 1687B supplies 1-36 V, 0-10 A, and the 1688B supplies 1-18 V, 0-20 A. All models provide constant voltage and constant current modes, 3-digit LED displays, and rotary encoder control knobs for precise coarse and fine voltage and current settings. Complemented with a compact form factor, these dc power supplies are useful in university labs, R&D, service and production testing. The models have a front panel auxiliary output and three user-defined voltage and current presets. An analog remote control terminal is accessible on the rear allowing users to connect external variable dc voltage sources or variable resistors. Available immediately, the 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B power supplies are priced at $339 each.

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