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Programmable Universal Counter Offers High Accuracy Up To 2.6 GHz

Even with rapid frequency measurements up to 2.4 GHz (usable up to 2.6 GHz), the C3100 programmable universal frequency counter features ±2-ppm accuracy and 0.00001-Hz resolution (at 200 Hz). It measures frequency, period, duty cycle, rpm, frequency ratio, difference frequency, time intervals, and totalization. Comparisons, relative errors, trend graphs, and min/max functions can be displayed on its LCD screen. Up to eight setup screens can be saved and retrieved from memory. The unit has a standard RS-232 interface and an optional GPIB interface. The C3100 costs $429 and is available from the company's nationwide distributors.

Protek, a division of Cigma Technologies
(201) 760-9898

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