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Qualcomm Shows First IMOD Color Display

As part of its phased approach to moving mirasol displays into mainstream devices, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies demonstrated what it said was the first reflective interferometric modulation (IMOD) color mirasol display at SID 2008. The first 0.9-in. IMOD color mirasol display will be introduced by Freestyle Audio in its next-generation MP3 player product line.

IMOD technology requires no backlighting and reflects light in a manner that allows wavelengths interfere with each other to create pure, vivid colors. Mobile devices, such as MP3 players and mobile phones, stand to benefit from Qualcomm’s mirasol displays, which require significantly less power and harness ambient light sources to automatically scale for optimal viewing in virtually any lighting condition.

“We’re taking our award-winning Sport MP3 players to the next level,” said Lance Fried, founder and chairman of Freestyle Audio. “Our active customers demand a superior music experience wherever they go. Like Freestyle Audio, Qualcomm places a premium on innovation, and we’re confident that the inclusion of color mirasol displays will further enhance our customers’ experiences and let them take their music anywhere.”


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