Wireless Systems Design

Radio-Antenna Modules Slash Cost And Complexity

Adding wireless connectivity to handsets, laptop PCs, and other wireless consumer devices can be a costly and difficult endeavor. Antenova's Radionova modules present a smoother path to the integration of wireless capabilities by incorporating the company's High Dielectric Antenna (HDA) technology. This technology puts all of the key RF components into a single module

The balanced antenna is highly resistant to detuning. As a result, the same Radionova module can be used across multiple product designs and at multiple frequencies. Initial Radionova modules will be multiband GSM and CDMA models. A UMTS unit for 3G cellular and a Wi-Fi data version will follow.

Designed for use across multiple wireless protocols, the Radionova modules' HDA technology enables RF performance to be independent of the modules' surroundings. Antenna impedance is virtually independent of groundplane length.

For more information including pricing and availability, please contact the company directly.

Antenova Ltd.
Far Field House, Albert Road, Stow-cum-Quy, Cambridge CB5 9AR, UK; +44 (0)1223 810600, FAX: +44 (0)1223 810650, www.antenova.com.

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