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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers Target Leading-Edge RF Apps

According to their manufacturer, the RSA 2200A and 3300A series real-time spectrum analyzers are the first complete measurement packages for complex RF signals. These Tektronix series target engineers developing cutting-edge RF technologies, such as RF-ID devices, sophisticated radar applications, and medical, consumer, and automotive electronics. Unlike swept or vector spectrum analyzers, these devices enable designers to trigger, capture, and analyze RF signals from a single measurement package.

"The RSA series' FFT-based architecture allows quick triggering in the frequency domain and provides a key advantage in the seamless capture of RF signals," says Kurt Krukenberg, development manager for Tektronix's RF Business. "Analyzing time-varying and unpredictable signals is becoming more difficult. The time axis can no longer be ignored and must be analyzed in multiple domains."

Frequency, time, and modulation domains are all visible in time-correlated displays. A spectrogram summarizes the long-term view, enabling an intuitive 3D look at the time-varying signal's behavior. With the analyzers' frequency mask trigger, users can define both the frequency and amplitude (power) conditions of the captured signal. This enables them to home in on suspected frequencies or monitor signals continuously but acquire them only when the signal changes.

The RSA2203A, 2208A, 3303A, and 3308A encompass ranges up to 8 GHz with various memory depth configurations and feature real-time spectrum-analysis capability. Pricing starts at $22,990.

Tektronix Inc.
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