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Receivers/Emitters Suited For Fiber Optic Communications Apps

Low noise and a wide dynamic range are two of the key features that help qualify a new line of receiver/emitter devices for use in optical fiber communications equipment, including fiber channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and SDH sysems. The devices are also useful in HDTV applications. Designed for use in high-speed plastic optical fiber (POF) communications, the S7727/L7726 red LED/photo ICs cover data rates of from 4 to 156 Mbps. Both devices are molded into miniature plastic packages with non-spherical lenses, allowing easy and efficient coupling to a POF. The S7727 has a monolithic photo IC that makes it immune to external noise and provides output voltage compatible with P-ECL. The red LED emits 650 nm light, as well as offering high-speed response of typically 100 MHz and high output power of -1.5 dBm. For Gigabit applications, the G7871/G7871-02, G7881 and G7882 receivers and L7892 emitter are offered. The receiver devices can be either high-speed Si photodiodes or InGaAs photodiodes integrated with a preamplifier and are suitable for 0.8 µm (Si) or 1.3 µm and 1.55 µm (InGaAs) wavelength bands.


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