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Resistive Touchscreens Satisfy Portable Computing Needs

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Portable computing and communications devices are the target for the TouchTek4 line of resistive touchscreens, which reportedly offer the industry's best combination of optical quality and durability. Applications include mobile computers and palm-sized PCs, industrial handheld data collection devices, digital organizers and wireless communicators, smart phones, and medical equipment.The touchscreens are based on four-wire analog resistive technology and are a popular choice for portable devices, where batteries are a common source of power and small-format displays must recognize touch by stylus, pen or finger. Key features include durability of the topsheet conductive coating and resistance to scratching, and optical clarity and light transmissivity, where better light transmissivity and clarity can improve performance in various lighting conditions. Also being introduced is TouchTek5, a five-wire unit.

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