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RFID Protocol Gets IEEE Approval

Just announced, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has given its nod of approval to RuBee, a high-security wireless asset visibility protocol that works in harsh environments. RuBee has been granted international standard status IEEE 1902.1.

A long-wavelength, packet-based, magnetic transceiver protocol, Visible Assets and Seiko Epson sponsored creation of the standard and the workgroup and are also responsible for RuBee’s development.

RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) overcomes many of the problems associated with RFID and other wireless asset-visibility solutions in harsh environments through its ability to work on steel and in liquids. Its tags and antennas are volumetric in harsh environments, not line-of-sight. Tags work over a range of one to 50 feet, depending on antenna configuration and can derive operating power from a single coin-size lithium battery with a battery life from five to over 15 years. Additionally, RuBee tags and systems are said to be easily combined with sensors, buttons, displays, and LEDs.


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