RGB Sensor Allows Display Adjustment For Ambient Light

RGB Sensor Allows Display Adjustment For Ambient Light

Intersil’s tiny ISL29125 RGB digital light sensor optimizes the display resolution and color quality of mobile devices and TVs in all lighting environments. It communicates directly with a device’s core processor to continuously adjust the lux range and ensure that the display maintains consistent perceived color and the ideal brightness level based on the current lighting environment.

With integrated, robust on-chip IR filtering technology and excellent angular response of a minimum of ±35% field of view at 50% light intensity, the ISL29125 eliminates display fluctuations, regardless of ambient lighting conditions. Turning down brightness in high-lit environments can save battery life.

For organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display TV applications specifically, the ISL29125 can be used to adjust the blue organic material ageing profile to maintain consistent contrast and brightness throughout the life of the display.

Operating voltage ranges from 2.25 to 3.63 V. The device also has a standard I2C interface. In power-down mode, it consumes less than 0.5 µA of current. In active mode, it runs at approximately 85 µA. Dynamic range detection capability is 5.7m lux to 10k lux. A lux range select feature enables programming of the range based on the device’s requirements.



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