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Rugged Antenna Outfits Trucks

Commercial telematics is a rapidly growing market segment. After all, solutions like asset tracking and data applications are mostly utilized by commercial vehicles. Yet those vehicles come with their own set of needs. For example, they must withstand very harsh environments.

To satisfy the vehicles and deliver performance, Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc. (www.centurion.com), has now come out with the tri-band External Mercury antenna for automotive communications systems. This low-profile, waterproof antenna can be mounted anywhere on the exterior of the vehicle.

The External Mercury is available in AMPS/PCS/GPS and GSM/DCS/GPS frequency bands. It is designed for telematics systems that enable fleet-management, asset-tracking, and anti-theft applications. The antenna's durable, waterproof housing can withstand the harsh environmental conditions that are often encountered by trucks, trailers, and oversized vehicles. It is housed in a sealed waterproof PC/ABS-blend housing with an operating temperature of −40° to +70°C.

At only 22 mm tall, the External Mercury is one of the thinnest antennas of its kind. It's well suited for the hidden mounting that's often necessitated by security applications. With the ability to operate either on or off a ground plane, the antenna can be mounted practically anywhere on the vehicle.

For OEMs and the aftermarket, the External Mercury offers the opportunity to support virtually any frequency range that their systems require. These ranges include AMPS, PCS, GSM, and DCS. With a 3.5-dBi peak gain at these frequencies and a 30-dBi gain for GPS, the External Mercury flaunts a higher gain than most competitive antennas.

To find out more about the External Mercury antenna, please visit www.centurion.com.

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