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Rugged, Configurable Illuminated Switches Endure A Million Cycles

A family of sunlight-readable pushbutton switches achieves 1 million cycles of operating life with an illuminated display configurable to show multiple independent zones of varying colors. G & A Engineering's K3000 series was designed for use in military and civil aircraft cockpits.

The device's basic version uses a conductive rubber pushbutton switch that supports 1 million on-off cycles as per mil-std 24317. It operates properly even when subjected to severe shock and vibration. Its contacts are rated for 30 mA at 30 V dc.

The switch's display relies on solid-state illumination to generate light of varying color and brightness in up to four different zones, which may be programmed into one of eight configurations. Display colors may also be changed dynamically. Different forms of display labeling like lighted letters or background provide yet another level of flexibility

The K3000 series offers a variety of electrical and mechanical options. Besides the rubber switch, the series may be ordered with an optoisolated solid-state switch for digital signals, galvanically isolated electromechanical switches for signal or power, and solid-state switches for power. Switch action is available in several momentary or alternate action types. The switch allows for either front- or rear-panel assembly. In the rear-panel version, it may be assembled as a standalone unit or within a matrix of switches without the need for a special housing.

Unit pricing is approximately 50 Euros in quantities of 1000, with lead times of 60 days ARO. Samples are available from stock. The company also offers indicators with the same display and mounting characteristics as the pushbuttons, but without the switch.

G & A Engineering, +39 0863 909003; www.gaengineering.com.

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