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Rugged Handheld Computer Runs Windows CE

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Introduced as an industrial-grade, cost-effective handheld computer running Windows CE, the CEL offers a sunlight readable display with optional touch-screen, a variety of interface capabilities, and the rugged construction necessary for industrial and commercial use. The unit features a 192 x 128 pixel LCD and a touch-screen can be added to create GUI-based applications. The standard display is sunlight readable and can include an optional electroluminescent backlight for easy viewing and strong or low light conditions. Interface capabilities include ones serial port with a choice of RS-232, -422, -485, or CMOS/TTL protocols. An optional RS-232 port can be added. Options for a PC card slot, version 1 or 2, Type 1 or 2, and an IrDA port are also available. The computer can be customized to user specifications. And multiple keypad layouts are possible with either standard or custom graphics. Pricing begins at $650.

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