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Samsung Adding InstaPort Technology To DTVs

The next generation of digital televisions (DTVs) from Samsung will include the InstaPort port-switching technology from Silicon Image Inc. InstaPort, which is also under evaluation by nine of the top 10 DTV manufacturers for inclusion in next year’s models, adds intelligence to HDMI technology-enabled DTV inputs.

With an increasing number of mobile and broadband entertainment devices being connected to DTVs, consumers are faced with delays of up to 7 s in some cases when switching from one device to another. InstaPort delivers a sub-second switching time between inputs that deliver digital content from different sources connected to the television.

Silicon Image is incorporating InstaPort technology into three new semiconductor products, the SiI9287 port processor and the SiI9251/SiI9261 input processors. The SiI9285 and SiI9287 devices also feature Silicon Image’s MHL technology, a low-pin-count serial-link technology that enables mobile devices such as cameras, mobile phones, and portable media devices to connect and display standard and high-definition content to DTVs.

“Samsung agrees that port switching time is an issue with today’s sophisticated consumers who have multiple HDMI technology-enabled devices connected to their DTV at any given time,” said Lew Paceley, DTV marketing director at Silicon Image. “As the industry leader in delivering state of the art digital television products, Samsung endorses InstaPort technology for the improvement it provides to consumers in their HDTV entertainment experience.”


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