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Scanned-Beam Laser Power Meter Has Silicon Detectors

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New silicon detectors, display and innovative circuitry have been added to the Model BC20 Scanned-Beam Laser Power Meter. This allows the handheld unit to measure the power of bar code and other scanned laser beams as well as hard to reach static beams of up to 20 mW of average power with a noise level of microwatts. The instrument provides automatic dynamic background subtraction that eliminates better than 98% of the background light, which allows measurements to be made in normal room light.
For scanning beams or static beams up to 30,000 in/s, the unit provides NIST traceable accuracy to ±5%. The standard model is calibrated for all popular scanned beam wavelengths of 633 nm, 650 nm and 675 nm. The measurement wand swivels 180° to provide access to beams hidden in complicated assemblies and instruments. Pricing is $1,225.

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