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SCSI Analyzer Supports SAS 4-Wide

Expanded capabilities have been added, via software, to the SASTracer SCSI analyzer that are said to make it the first commercially available protocol analyzer to support SAS 4-Wide analysis. The tracer can simultaneously probe one, two, three, or four links and supports cooperative triggering and filtering across multiple links. Its SAS wide connections, when attached to expanders, have the ability to dynamically use different physical pathways to complete a single operation. After recording a wide link, the software automatically groups the frames that are part of a common operation, regardless of the physical link. In addition to capturing 4-Wide SAS traffic, the version 1.01 software release adds a BusView that shows DWORD-level traffic moving upstream and downstream on each link. This display option provides a chronological list of DWORDs with timing context for verifying SAS state transitions across multiple links. The software also adds decoding of serial ATA tunneling protocol (STP). Existing users can upgrade their SASTracer by purchasing a second plug-in module, while users with current maintenance agreements will receive the software free of charge. For further information, contact COMPUTER ACCESS TECHNOLOGY CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 727-6600.


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