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SD Cards For Wii Store Downloadable Games, Images, and Other Content

With the recent introduction of the Nintendo Wii game console, which is compatible with flash memory, SanDisk has begun shipping special edition SD memory card to major retailers. The Nintendo Wii can use the SanDisk Wii SD card in several ways. It can store game saves as well as back up Virtual Console games in the Wii Shop Channel. Also, the SanDisk Wii SD card can be used to display JPEG images from digital cameras, at sizes of up to 8192 by 8192 pixels. Additionally, the Wii will accept video files created in QuickTime (motion JPEG) with sizes of up to 848 by 480 pixels. The Wii will also play MP3 audio tracks as background music during a slide show of digital still photos. The white cards, bearing the label “SanDisk for Wii,” are available in 512-Mbyte, 1-Gbyte, and 2-Gbyte sizes at suggested retail prices ranging from $34.99 to $89.99. For more information, check out www.sandisk.com.

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