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Sensor Replaces Mechanical Float Switch

A new sensor has been designed to replace mechanical float switches. The Leveltrak is an electronic non-floating sensor. It detects level without any moving parts. Using capacitative sensing technology, the sensor determines level by measuring the point of dielectric contrast that occurs at the level height. It has an enhanced software algorithm that scans 16 sensing fields along the length of its probe to determine the point where dielectric change occurs. Upon startup, the sensing fields are evaluated every eight milliseconds to achieve continuous level indication. Fluid level is indicated on a three-digit numeric LED display, which can be programmed to read level in inches or centimeters. Output functions and fluid type can be set via two simple pushbuttons without removing the sensor from the process. Leveltrak models come with two or four switching outputs, as well as an analog and switching output model. One device can replace up to four binary switches. All models have independent overflow protection operating an additional output, independent of the sensors scanning function, to ensure protection from spillage. Multiple probe lengths fit most level sensing applications. Model lengths include 10", 18", and 28". Mounting adapters and clamps are available. The Leveltrak sensor is dc PNP, programmable N.O. or N.C. Pricing ranges from $295 to $395. IFM EFECTOR INC., Exton, PA. (800) 441-8246.


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