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SERDES Chipset Reduces Cabling In Vehicles

SERDES Chipset Reduces Cabling In Vehicles

74356-ADallas, Texas, U.S.: The Texas Instruments DS90UB913Q serializer and DS90UB914Q deserializer chipset target megapixel driver-assist cameras (see the figure). As part of the FPD-Link III family, this automotive-grade SERDES chipset provides a video and data interface to camera modules, with no software overhead and few wires, says TI. It also allows the cables between cameras, displays, and the electronic control unit (ECU) to be thinner and more flexible.

The DS90UB913Q has a 25-mm2 footprint and features a 10- to 100-MHz pixel clock and 10- to 12-bit pixel depth. The DS90UB914Q features an adaptive receiver EQ automatically adapts EQ gain to compensate for dynamic and long-term changes in cable loss. Its integrated 2:1 multiplexer allows the electronic control unit (ECU) video processor to select content from two camera sources. Lower serial line rates of up to 1.4 Gbits/s drive down the cost of cable assemblies.

Texas Instruments

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