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Serial-Attached SCSI Analyzer Supports Wide Links

Billed as the industry's first Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface (SAS) analyzer, the SASTracer can support "wide" links. It's software-upgradable to support Serial ATA II (SATA) protocol analysis. The analyzer forms a single flexible system that offers plug-and-play analysis between SAS and Serial ATA links operating at 1.5 or 3 Gbits/s.

Built on CATC's UPAS 10K, SASTracer is expandable to support multiple SAS channels known as "wide" links. Initially supporting two-wide SAS connections, it will be upgradable to support four-wide links by the fourth quarter. The CATC Trace expert analysis software will automatically and logically group all frames and primitives that are part of a common operation at the Application Layer, even if they're spread across multiple physical pathways within a wide link. The analyzer records and analyzes out-of-band signaling problems, rate matching, and timing deltas between ALIGN bursts. With full support for SSP and SMP protocols, it decodes and displays all SAS Link Layer primitives up through SCS and Management Application layers.

The SASTracer is available now. Check CATC's Web site for pricing and updates.

Computer Access Technology Corp.
(800) 909-2282

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