Electronic Design

Serial RapidIO Analyzer Probe Supports Logic Analyzers

Designers looking for reliability, high bandwidth, low latency, and faster bus speeds for their computer and peripheral projects often turn to Serial RapidIO (SRIO) technology. To help these designers perform protocol analysis on their designs, the FuturePlus Systems FS4410 SRIO analysis probe permits non-intrusive probing of SRIO buses in conjunction with Agilent Technologies logic analyzers (see the figure).

The FS4410 connects to the system under test with a full-size or a half-size mid-bus probe to monitor bus traffic in real time. Additionally, a flying-lead probe is offered for applications requiring maximum passive-probing flexibility. The probe supports 8b/10b data acquisition at up to 3.125 Gbits/s and works with most Agilent 16700 and 16900 logic analyzer modules. Included software decodes and displays bus data as protocol, hexadecimal, or binary data. Configuration files also are provided to simplify setup.

The FS4410 costs $25,000, less probe adapter cables. The FS4411, which includes PCI Express analysis capability, costs $35,000. Delivery is in six weeks.

FuturePlus Systems Corp.

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