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Sharp Picks Amimon Wireless HDTV Technology

Sharp Corp. has partnered with Amimon Inc. to offer an optional wireless HDTV link for Sharp’s ultra-thin X-Series LCD televisions. The link will simplify the installation of the televisions by eliminating the need for an audio-video cable between the TV panel and the separate tuner unit.

Amimon’s WHDI technology uses a unique video-modem approach to deliver wireless uncompressed HDTV. With a range of over 100 ft. (30 m), through multiple walls and with latency of less than 1 ms, WHDI technology offers universal wireless, whole-home HD connectivity with quality equivalent to that achieved with HDMI.

Sharp’s new X-series models, which come in 37-, 42-, and 46-inch screen sizes and are only 3.44 cm thick (at their thinnest part), went on sale in Japan in April. The series adopts a discrete component configuration that separates the display section from the tuner section. The two sections can be connected with a cable or by using an optional wireless video transmitter unit that employs Amimon’s WHDI Technology.



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