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Si Photodiode Array Exhibits Very Low Crosstalk

Patent-pending technology has been tapped to develop a two-dimensional silicon (Si) photodiode array that exhibits extremely low crosstalk. Manufactured using a micro-machining process, the S8593 is a 5 x 5-element photodiode array in which the active area of each element in the array measures 1.3 x 1.3 mm; the element pitch is 1.5 mm. Housed in a 28-pin DIP ceramic package that measures 35.56 x 15.49 mm, the S8593 Si photodiode array operates over a spectral response range of 320 to 1,000 nm and boasts of a peak sensitivity of 0.42 A/W at 720 nm. Other features include a photo sensitivity of 0.28 A/W at 410 nm, dark current of 1 pA, terminal capacitance of 80 pF, and a rise time of 0.2 ms typical. Designed for low light-level detection applications, the array is suitable for use in spectrophotometers and position detection instruments. In small quantities, the array costs $1,000 each. More details are available from HAMAMATSU CORP., Bridgewater, NJ. (800) 524-0504.


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