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Signal-Integrity Tools Measure Up To DSO Demands

New accessories for LeCroy's digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) help boost the accuracy of, as well as simplify, signal-integrity measurements. They include a set of small-tip (ST) accessories for the Wavelink family of differential probes and a test fixture that lets users deskew the timing of multiple (up to four) probes.

That fixture, dubbed the TF-DSQ, makes it possible to calibrate the dc gain and offset of each channel at the probe tip. Probe bandwidths go up to 7.5 GHz. Also, the Wavelink D600ST probe module features tiny 3.75-mm tips and a lengthy 145-mm interconnect cable, enhancing the probe performance.

Three lead sets are included: a direct solder-in lead, a quick-connect lead with a socket, and a square pin lead. All probes are calibrated for frequency response flatness, and they display low divide-by-2.5 attenuation. To lower the cost of ownership, LeCroy designed the Wavelink ST with replaceable interconnect leads and amplifier modules. As a result, the entire probe needn't be replaced should any of its components fail.

The TF-DSQ accounts for rise-time variations, probe loading, and common-mode voltage. The drive signal is available in both single-ended and differential form, so differential probes can be deskew-calibrated without introducing common-mode timing errors. Featuring a 75-ps edge, the fixture offers deskew accuracy within ±20 ps. It also calibrates gain, offset, and skew at the same probing point.

The D600ST module costs $6300, and the TF-DSQ is priced at $1195. Lead time is two to four weeks.

LeCroy Corp.
(800) 453-2769

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