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Simulator Anticipates RF Spurs

The generation of spurious frequencies inherent to single, dual and triple conversion communication devices is simulated with Professional SpurCalc Simulator. The low-cost software package can be used by designers to calculate and determine where the theoretical internally and externally generated spurs will occur for single, dual and triple conversion receiver and transmitter designs. The program calculates and displays in table format and in a special plot where the spurs appear and which harmonic of the local oscillator or signal contributed to each spurs existence. Spurious frequencies may be instantly viewed at multiple locations of the design. Results can be interacted with and easily visualized through sorting, data filtering, and customizable highlighting settings. Calculation data is exported to a spreadsheet or database, or imported into a word processor for further analysis and reporting. A search tool is also included to determine the optimal ranges for the fixed local oscillator while holding other parameters constant.


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