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Single-Lamp Inverter Powers Backlit Displays

Designed to power LCDs backlit by a single cold cathode fluorescent lamp, the SE Series is a low-profile, vacuum encapsulated dc/ac inverter. Well-suited for applications where space is limited, the inverter measures 0.75" x 2.98" and is just 0.42" high. Encapsulation, a feature said to be unique to the company, makes the inverter more resistant to harsh environments, such as extreme heat or cold and condensation. According to the company, encapsulation also enables the design engineer to better package the inverter with respect to the rest of the system. The SE Series provides up to 5W of output power, is said to be extremely efficient, and features external PWM dimming. Applications include powering LCDs used in products serving the POS, medical, handheld and industrial instrumentation markets. The single-lamp inverter costs $12.55 each/1,000. ENDICOTT RESEARCH GROUP, Endicott, NY. (800) 215-5866.


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