Electronic Design

Smaller LCD Switches Target Broadcast Applications

At 25% smaller than the industry-standard size, the new compact programmable LCD SmartSwitch from NKK Switches is well suited for systems and designs where user interface is required but size is an issue. The new versions keep the same electrical and performance specifications of the original SmartSwitch, but their small size targets broadcast market applications like mobile production vans and other small broadcast and production facilities. Also, the entire SmartSwitch line is now available in versions featuring lower energy consumption that the original units. The improved line's typical forward current (If) is rated at 15 mA and typical power consumption is (PD) is 130 mW.

The SmartSwitch can be specified in single, bicolor, and RGB versions. With the RGB device, designers can create virtually any color illumination with one switch. The switches can be programmed to display an infinite variety of text, graphics, or moving images. The compact SmartSwitch's LCD is a wide, high-contract viewing area of 13.9 by 10.6 mm with a 36 by 24 pixel resolution to maximize clarity. Mechanical life and electrical life are both rated at 1 million operations minimum.

Prices for the compact SmartSwitch start at $25.00 each in 100-piece quantities. Availability is stock to 12 weeks. For more information, check out www.nkkswitches.com.

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