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Smart HART Transmitters Boast Extreme Accuracy

With an input-to-output analog accuracy of up to ±0.014°C (±0.025°F), the THZ2 and TDZ2 family of two-wire, loop-powered Smart HART temperature and signal transmitters are the most accurate available, according to Moore Industries-International Inc. The 4- to 20-mA temperature output signal has a superimposed HART digital signal, which allows any HART-compatible control device to program zero, span, sensors trim offset, and other calibration variables. The control device can also interrogate and read multiple real-time process variables. Up to 15 transmitters can be linked via one twisted-pair wire.

Both the THZ2 models (blind devices) and the TDZ2 (with displays) have 20-bit input resolution for a digital accuracy of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F) with all Pt RTDs, or up to ±0.05°C (±0.09°F) for Pt1000 RTDs. The THZ2 models come in encapsulated "hockey puck" housings, field-mounted enclosures, and DIN-rail field-mount housings. The TDZ2 models come in a "hockey puck" housing or a field-mount housing, with digital displays. Options include RTD and thermocouple sensors, thermowells, connection heads, and fittings.

Both devices can be field-configured to accept 14 RTD types, nine thermocouple types, current and voltage signals, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources. Besides the use of a HART Communicator or HART-based control system, configuration can be accomplished via PC, laptop, or tablet PC equipped with software from Moore Industries. Each transmitter comes with free PC configuration software and a cable. Contact the company for price and availability information. Visit

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