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Smart LCD Simplifies Displays

Simple display needs should not require complex solutions. Amulet Technologies abides by that motto with its line of Smart GUI Modules, now available in VGA (640 by 480) and half-VGA (480 by 320) resolutions. Each unit has its own on-module processor with 1 Mbyte of flash memory. The system uses its own compact form of HTML called µHTML. Also, a design tool allows easy creation of Web pages.

The Smart GUI Modules connect to a host processor via a serial link that operates at speeds of up to 115 kbits/s. Third-party add-ons deliver wireless and Ethernet connections. Prices for the full VGA versions start at $375, while the half-VGA resolution units start at $325. FSTN, STN Blue, and FSTN transreflective versions are available.

Amulet Technologies

See associated figure.

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