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SMD LEDs Look Sideways

Touted as the industry’s first side-looking surface mount LEDs, the ESM-3070 GaP LEDs come in green, yellow-green, red and orange output ranges, and can double as IR emitters. Height is less than 1.20 mm with a footprint of 2.50 mm2. Power dissipation is 100 mW, with operating temperatures between –20°C and +80°C. Forward current is 60 mA and forward voltage is 1.8V with a maximum of 2.6V. Radiant intensity is 24 mW/steradian. Applications include any requiring a very low-profile light source such as backlighting for portable electronic devices, PDAs and cell phones as well as touch-screen systems fitted on CRTs or flat-panel displays for the IR version of this device. Molded in clear high-temperature material, the ESM-3070 series has a spectral bandwidth of 50 nm and a half angle of ±15°. Pricing begins at $0.30 each/10,000. ELEKON INDUSTRIES USA INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 353-5661.


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