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SMPTE Will Define Standard For Home 3D

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is establishing a task force to define the parameters of a stereoscopic 3D mastering standard for content viewed in the home. The 3D Home Display Formats Task Force will hold its first meeting on Aug. 19, hosted by the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California.

The meeting is open to entertainment technology professionals interested in participating in the effort, subject to available space. SMPTE membership is not required, but non-members will be asked to pay a small fee. Ongoing participation requires membership in the SMPTE Standards Community.

The task force will explore the standards that need to be set for 3D content distributed via broadcast, cable, satellite, packaged media, and the Internet and played on televisions, computer screens, and other tethered displays. After six months, the committee will produce a report that defines the issues and challenges, minimum standards, evaluation criteria, and more—which will serve as a working document for SMPTE 3D standards efforts to follow.

“Digital technologies have not only paved the way for high quality 3D in the theaters, they have also opened the door to 3D in the home,” said SMPTE engineering vice president Wendy Aylsworth. “In order to take advantage of this new opportunity, we need to guarantee consumers that they will be able to view the 3D content they purchase and provide them with 3D home solutions for all pocketbooks.”

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

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