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SODIMM PC Drives Displays

SODIMM PC Drives Displays

The TX51 from Strategic Test puts Freescale’s i.MX51 onto a 200-pin small-outline dual-inline memory module (SODIMM) form-factor system-on-module (SOM). The i.MX51 is based on ARM’s 800-MHz Cortex-A8, including ARM’s Neon single-instruction multiple data (SIMD) media accelerator with hardware acceleration for OpenGL and OpenVG, HD 720p decoder, and D1 encoder, plus video support up to 1280 by 768 at 24 bits/pixel. The i.MX51 includes an Ethernet interface, camera interface, serial ports, SDIO, I2C, SPI, USB 2.0, and SSI/AC97/I2S audio support. The module also offers 128-Mbyte mobile DDR-SDRAM, 128-Mbyte NAND flash memory, and a 200-pin SODIMM connector. It runs a range of operating systems including Linux and Windows CE.

Strategic Test

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