Electronic Design

Software Tool Automates Front-End Analog/Mixed-Signal Design

The Results Analysis and Display (RAD) solution automates the front-end design of high-performance analog and mixed-signal ICs. This post-simulation analysis tool includes standard waveform features, including cursors, annotations and anchors (automatically added to measured values), multiple y-axes, and curve families. By integrating the RAD tool into the company's Aptiva analog and mixed-signal design environment, users can display and analyze simulation results. RAD's feature set includes an enhanced results browser and an intuitive command language. The tool also provides extensive plots, a powerful waveform display, and plotting environment control. Dockable windows are incorporated, as are unlimited undo/redo for actions that alter what is drawn in the plot area. Available now, the Results Analysis and Display solution starts at $7500.

Antrim Design Systems Inc. >www.antrim.com; (877) 3-ANTRIM

TAGS: Components
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