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SONET/SDH And ATM Transceiver Supports Four Ports

Support for four ports in a highly integrated package is provided by the CY7B9514V, a 3.3V SONET/SDH and ATM transceiver. The chip offers clock and data recovery for both 155.52 Mbps and 51.84 Mbps serial data streams. There's also a loopback test function for system diagnostics that eliminates the need for complex external testing schemes. Applications for the chip include network switches, hubs, repeaters and routers.The chip offers design flexibility in connecting with either four single framers, a quad framer, a mux/demux, or designers' own ASICs. It's also designed to work seamlessly with the IgT Quadzilla (WAC-413) processor. The combination enables quick implementation of a complete 3.3V ATM PHY solution that incorporates both the physical media-dependent and transmission convergence layers. The CY7B9514V chip recovers clock and data from input serial data streams and passes them to the WAC-413 chip. That device then performs serial to parallel conversion on each channel, SONET/SDH overhead processing, and ATM cell processing before passing the ATM cells to an ATM packet reassembly engine. On the transmit side, a segmentation engine divides long packets of data, such as Ethernet packets, into 53-byte cells and passes them to each channel of the WAC-413 chip. The WAC-413 chip then performs ATM cell processing on each channel. The serial data streams are passed to the CY7B9514V chip, which buffers the data streams and moves them out to the transmission media.Samples are available now.


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