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SPARC Applications Run Faster On Xeon Via Virtualization Technology

Transitive's QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/Xeon is one of a series of virtualization products that let applications run on different target hardware. This approach can be used for hardware and application migration. In this case, Solaris applications compiled for the SPARC RISC platform run under sLinux on an Intel Xeon processor. In many cases, the applications run faster than they do on SPARC servers. Dynamic translation allows unmodified SPARC applications that can coexist with native x86 Linux-based applications to run. The system can even handle graphics applications mixing both SPARC and x86 output on the same window display. Transitive supports a number of different source and target platforms, such as IRIX/MIPS to Linux/Itanium.

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