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Speakers Transform Into Internet Radio

The race is on to build wireless audio applications into handhelds and other devices. For Bluetooth, this is good news. The standard is proving to be a good fit for applications like MP3 playback. Realizing its potential, Cambridge Silicon Radio (www.csr.com) and BridgeCo AG (www.bridgeco.net) have launched a design for a new generation of wireless speakers.

To forge this partnership, CSR is delivering the BlueCore wireless technology to BridgeCo AG for its wireless-speaker designs. BridgeCo is a supplier of entertainment-network-adapter (ENA) technology. This technology uses semiconductors and software to enable consumer-electronics devices and personal computers to communicate with each other. The BridgeCo reference designs include the company's own ENA technology. It comprises embedded and secure software running on its DM1000 integrated network and signal processor.

The job of CSR's BlueCore is to deliver high-performance Bluetooth connectivity. The BridgeCo wireless-speaker reference design offers MP3 decoding and a built-in TCP/IP stack. When paired with the BlueCore technology, it turns a set of traditional speakers into a portable Internet radio.

Consumers can now bring their PC's MP3 collection anywhere. For designers, the BridgeCo reference designs promise a combination of high-performance signal processing and networking connectivity. For manufacturers, the designs plan to shorten time to market and lower system-cost implementation.

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