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Spectrum Analyzers Hike Up Frequency Range To 110 GHz

The R3172/R3182 spectrum analyzers analyze high-frequency modules and devices at up to 40 GHz. They boast newly developed RF circuitry and a specially designed synthesized oscillator. Also, the R3182's frequency range can be extended to 110 GHz, using an external mixer, for millimeter applications. Front-end RF circuitry lets designers directly input wideband signals up to +30 dBm (1 W) at 40 GHz into the R3172/R3182. By using a built-in preselector synchronized with sweep frequency, users can take measurements without image signals, even for high-order mixing bands. The result is an average display noise level of −104 dBm/resolution bandwidth (RBW) and single-side-band (SSB) phase noise of −91 dBc/Hz at 26.5 GHz for the R3172. The 3182's average display noise level is −106 dBm/RBW, and its single-sideband phase noise level is −85 dBc/Hz at 40 GHz. Frequency sweeps are accurate within 1%. Overall level accuracy of +1.5 dB is guaranteed over the 100-kHz to 3-GHz range. Typical refresh rate is 20 traces/s. Base price for the R3172 and R3182 is $25,200 and $35,200, respectively. Delivery is up to six weeks.

Advantest America Measuring Solutions Inc.
www.advantest.com (732) 346-2600

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