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Standards Reference Thermometer Is Intrinsically Safe And Portable

The Model 5577 intrinsically safe handheld reference thermometer operates in specified hazardous environments. Accuracy is ±0.05°C from −100°C to 135°C. The system (meter and probe) comes calibrated over its full range, with a NIST-traceable NVLAP-accredited system calibration. The 5577 has two inputs and can display either simultaneous side-by-side readings from both inputs or the differences between the two inputs for easy comparisons. It's rated for intrinsic safety by CENELEC in Europe and boasts an EX II 2G EEx ib IIB T4 rating. Price is $1295. Three calibrated probes from the company range from $165 to $240. System calibrations by the company are included in these prices. Units are shipping with delivery in 21 days.

Hart Scientific Inc., a Fluke company
(801) 763-1600

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