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Starter Kits Bypass Programming For PC-Based Data Acquisition

Those interested in creating a PC-based data-acquisition system quickly and inexpensively may opt for the DI-154RS and DI-194RS starter kits. Both come with ready-to-run WinDaq/Lite software for data acquisition, real-time display, playback, and analysis without programming. Data-acquisition rates up to 240 samples/s are supported. The starter kits also come with an ActiveX control library that allows them to be used with any Windows programming language, such as Visual C, Delphi, Visual Basic, and LabView. The WinDaq/Lite software runs in Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP environments. The DI-154RS and DI-194RS starter kits connect to a PC's serial port and provide four bipolar analog input channels suitable for connecting to preamplified (±10 VFS) signals. Both supply two digital inputs for remote operations through WinDaq software (events and storage). In addition, the units include a digital output that offers a variable-frequency square-wave output, similar to a built-in function generator. The starter kits also make it possible to digitize virtually any high-level analog signal. The signal can be recorded to the PC's hard disk and simultaneously plotted on the PC monitor in calibrated units and in real time using a triggered sweep (oscilloscope-like) or scrolling (chart-recorder-like) display format. The DI-194RS and DI-154RS provide 10 and 12 bits of accuracy, respectively. The DI-154RS is shipped with a free copy of WinDaqXL software, which makes it possible to record data in real time directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Since both starter kits derive their power from the RS-232 serial port to which they are connected, there are no batteries to replace or external power supplies to connect. The DI-194RS four-channel, 10-bit data-acquisition starter kit costs $24.95. The four-channel, 12-bit DI-154RS starter kit costs $149.95. Both units are available from stock.

Dataq Instruments Inc. www.dataq.com; (800) 553-9006

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