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Status Indicators Lock Magnetically

The CI 75 series of large status display indicators incorporates a dual color internal flag that stays magnetically locked when the indicator coil is pulsed. Available in single and dual coil models, this 0.75'' display indicator requires no power when latched in either position. Standard fault or set display flags are available in red or orange, with a reset color of black. Custom color and legend flags, including the international radiation symbol, are available as well. The CI75 series suits industrial fault warning applications that demand large displays subjected to outdoor elements, high ambient light and remote areas requiring low power drain. The status indicators function as follows: when the indication coil is energized by a pulse of 50 ms or longer, the color display flips 180º and latches to the coil core. The display remains magnetically locked to the core in the position last pulsed. Even if the signal is removed, the indicator remembers the signal instruction. Pulsing a separate reset coil or reversing polarity in the single coil unit will reset it to black. The display then remains magnetically locked to the core and black. Operational cycles reach 10,000 minimum. Pricing averages $20, depending on volume. L-3 COMMUNICATIONS/ELECTRODYNAMICS INC., Rolling Meadows, IL. (847) 259-0740.


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