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Successive Detection Boosts Performance Of Millimeter-Wave Log Video Amps

A series of millimeter-wave successive-detection log video amplifiers (SDLAVs) from Endwave Corp. is well-suited for use in early warning and ELINT receivers, DF radar systems, IFMs, and other radar and missile guidance systems. The amplifiers come in three versions: the ASDA-81826 covers 18 to 26 GHz, the ASDA-82640 covers 26 to 40 GHz, and the ASDA-81840 covers 18 to 40 GHz (see figure Wireless System Design Web Site). The devices are derivatives of the 18- to 40-GHz detected log video amplifiers (DLVAs) from ALC Microwave, which Endwave acquired, but offer improved sensitivity and dynamic range due to the SDLVA architecture.

Typical performance for the ASDA-81840 includes tangential signal sensitivity of less than −65 dBm at 85°C (with a 30-MHz video bandwidth), dynamic range of greater than 69 dB, log linearity of less than ±1.0 dB, and frequency flatness of less than ±1.5 dB. The composite accuracy is ±4 dB maximum from −45°C to 85°C. Risetime is less than 10 ns, recovery time is less than 50 ns, and input and output VSWR is less than 2.5:1. A popular option is a limiter at the RF output tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Also, the video bandwidth can be configured to optimize system noise and speed requirements. In addition, designers can customize the rise, fall, and recovery times of pulse responses, and the video output source resistance can be specified to match common transmission line impedances. To learn more, go to www.endwave.com.

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