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Sunlight Powers Indoor Lighting System

Specializing in providing lighting during a power failure, as well as for off-grid sites such as remote cabins and offshore oil platforms, the Series SLR001 and SLR002 systems contain everything needed to provide solar-powered, long-life indoor lighting. The systems include: solar panels; 12', 16-gauge cables; 3A, 20-hr. batteries; voltage regulators; terminal blocks; white LED lamps; and light sockets. The SLR001 lighting system features a 10W solar panel and three 12V/14V 24-LED cluster lamps, with a fully charged battery powering the high-intensity lamps for about eight hours. The 24-LED lamps throw light in a 40° spread and emit 36 end lumens per bulb. The SLR002 system packs a 5W panel and three 9-LED lamps that produce 14 end lumens per lamp. It drives the lamps for 16 hr., but with less light output than the SLR001. The Series SLR001 is priced at $365 and Series SLR002, $240. For more details, contact Jordon Papanier at LEDTRONICS INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 579-4875.


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