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Surge-Arrestor Line Takes On Lightning

A line of Dual Band Surge Arrestors is ready to protect valuable wireless equipment from the harmful effects of electrical surges caused by lightning strikes. The performance of these devices is tuned for the 800-to-960-MHz and the 1710-to-2170-MHz frequency bands. These bands cover the GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, and DCS wireless frequencies.

These surge arrestors provide multistrike protection and have excellent return-loss performance. The Dual Band Surge Arrestor return-loss figures are 26.4 dB for the 806-to-960-MHz operating frequency; 26.4 dB for the 1710-to-2000-MHz operating frequency; and 23.0 dB for the 2000-to-2170-MHz operating frequency. They also boast a tri-metal-plated external finish for tarnish resistance. Their center contacts are even silver plated for optimal electrical performance.

The Dual Band Surge Arrestors are available now in 7-16 (DIN) and type-N interfaces. Bulkhead versions also are available. For further information on the Dual Band Surge Arrestors, call (800) 255-1479 and request product-specification sheets APT-DFDM-DB and APT-NFNM-DB. These publications also are available from the company's Web site.

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10500 W. 153rd St., Orland Park, IL 60462; (708) 349-5661, www.andrew.com.

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