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System-On-A-Chip Delivers Low-Power x86 PC Solution

Offering a single-chip CPU and PC subsystem, the SiS55x LV family of highly integrated processors from Silicon Integrated Systems combines an x86/MMX CPU that can clock at up to 250 MHz (a 25% improvement over the previous family), a high-performance North Bridge, a GUI engine, and a Super-South Bridge with an integrated 2D graphic engine and DRAM controller. The SiS55x-LV chips support an Ultra-AGP VGA graphics interface, an advanced PCI hardware interface, an audio controller for 5.1-channel sound, and a software modem, among other features.

The LV suffix indicates that the chips operate from a low-voltage power supply, keeping power consumption to a minimum—about 55% lower than the company's previous SiS55x series. With the increased performance, lower voltage, and high integration of these products, the 55x LV family is well suited for Internet appliances (IAs) and many handheld devices. The SiS550-LV, for example, meets the needs of many IA applications, including thin client servers, set-top boxes, and kiosks. The SiS552-LV incorporates additional audio and video functions, making it a good fit for consumer products like smart displays, PVRs (personal video recorders), home-theater systems, and VOD (voice-on-demand) systems. The SiS552-LV also includes a smart-card controller, Sony memory-stick controller, slice layer DVD decoding accelerator, video input port, and consumer digital audio interface.

Both families support Linux and Windows. The SiS552LV costs $40 in 5000-unit lots.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
(886) 2-8913-1168 • www.sis.com

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