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System Controls Cooling Via PCs

A dedicated network that lets users monitor enclosure conditions and control the operation of firm's cooling systems from remote locations using PCs running Windows 95/NT/98, ICENET system is connected to the PC through an isolated RS-232/485, half-duplex, multi-drop converter and RJ-11 modular plugs. ICENET transmits data signals over a twisted pair, multi-drop loop from the cooling system to the PC up to a maximum distance of 3000 feet, or 4000 feet under ideal conditions. ICENET incorporates monitoring, options, display and edit modes. The monitoring mode can monitor up to 64 remote locations from a single PC. The options mode requires a security password and lets users enter/edit address descriptions, alarm text, passwords, and select parameters. The display mode lets users view real-time conditions, while the edit mode requires a password to let users view real-time conditions, change setpoints and alarm status.

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