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System Welds Multiple Connections To Flexible Flat Cable

The new Ultraindex system is designed to automatically weld multiple connections or terminals to flexible flat cable as thin as 0.002" and other components. The system includes modular tooling, the company's Condor Universal Welder, and the ST 3000 II controller. It supports sequential operations to automate production and simplify set-up and operation. The ST 3000 II features a large LCD screen that displays both numerical settings and a dynamic 3-D diagrammatic display to help operators set, store and retrieve up to 1,000 weld settings without reprogramming or changing the applicator. Built-in controls ensure the quality and integrity of each weld by maintaining strict parameters including the compression of wires before welding and final weld height. At the same time, the interactive controller communicates all necessary preventative maintenance information and troubleshoots any malfunction.


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