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Systems-On-A-Chip Target Applications In Hand-Held Computing & Digital Audio(2)

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Two highly integrated systems-on-a-chip (CL-EP7209 and CL-EP7211) are aimed at hand-held computing and portable digital audio applications, respectively. The CL-EP7209 is a complete integrated system on a chip for enabling MP3 audio decompression in a portable consumer form factor. Also based on the ARM720T core, the 7209 is designed specifically for implementing audio processing algorithms in low-power applications. Power consumption is less than 110 mW at a sampling rate of 24 kHz. What's more, even as the chip is running an audio decompression algorithm, some 25 MIPS of processing power is left available to the designer for additional system functionality. The chip implements a full ISO-compliant MPEG 1/2 layer 2/3 decompression engine. With the IC, a complete MP3 system can be created by adding an LCD display (an LCD controller like that of the 7211 is on the chip), an audio DAC, flash memory and a few discrete components. An integrated I2S interface makes direct connection to a stereo audio DAC a simple matter. The chip is also said to be capable of handling other audio algorithm formats with copy protection. See "Systems-On-A-Chip Target Applications In Hand-Held Computing & Digital Audio(1)" for CL-EP7211.

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