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Tactical Computer Family Squires In Third Generation

Entering its third generation the Thermite tactical visual computer (TVC-3.0) and Model 1000 compliments the Thermite TVC-2.0 family with a range of higher performance models for deployed, extended-environment, vehicle-mount, and man-wearable visual computing applications. These include embedded training and mission rehearsal, 3D enabled C4ISR, sensor processing, and C2 that require desktop level visual computing performance. The Thermite TVC-3.0 systems including the Model 1000 are available with CPU/memory modules supporting the latest Intel mobile processors including Core 2 Duo processors and up to 4 GB of RAM. Graphics modules employ either NVIDIA or AMD advanced mobile 2D/3D GPUs with up to 256 MB of memory and FPGA-based processing subsystems including the company's Eidetix COTS video capture and display subsystems. Operating system support includes Windows XPe and Linux. Single-unit pricing for Thermite TVC-3.0 Model 1000 systems starts below $15,000. QUANTUM3D INC., San Jose, CA. (888) 747-1020.


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