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Team Effort Delivers PCT-Based Touchscreen Solution

Electronica 2010 – Teaming up, Zytronic and multi-touch software provider NUITEQ pair Zytronic’s range of Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) sensors and supporting family of ZXY100 dual-touch controllers with NUITEQ’s Snowflake Suite. Functioning as a layer on top of Windows 7, Snowflake enables dual/multi-touch functionality on large format touchscreen/display assemblies. It consists of over 20 different multi-touch application building blocks along with an application programmable interface and software development kit. The blocks vary from 3D model viewers to slot machine mechanisms and facilitate quick and easy implementation of advanced multi-touch functions. Zytronic’s PCT-based touch sensors consist of a matrix of micro-fine capacitor elements embedded into a laminated substrate and placed behind a thick protective overlay. The resulting touchscreen is not affected by scratches, shock, dirt build up, extremes of heat, harsh chemicals, liquid ingress, or other factors that may shorten its operational life. Also, touchscreens employing PCT do not need a bezel, a mandatory component for IR or SAW based touch sensing arrangements. NUITEQ, Sweden. +46 7028 65975. ZYTRONIC, Tyne & Wear, UK. +44 (0) 191 414 5511.

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