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Technology Boosts Touch-Screen Image Quality

Digital Vision Touch (DViT) technology relies on proprietary digital cameras and software to detect a finger, stylus, pointer, or other object used for operating a touch-screen display. The cameras are situated in each corner of the display where they relay position data to a digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP then determines the exact point of contact. This approach requires no special pens or tools to interact with the display and, more importantly, requires no special coating or materials on the screen. This results in a clearer, more detailed image. The rear projection SMART Board 3000i and SMART Board for plasma display interactive overlays are the first products to employ DViT technology. They promise extensive improvements in contrast ratio and brightness compared to analog resistive technology. Prices for the 3000i and SMART Board for plasma displays cost $16,999 and $3,299 to $4,999, respectively. SMART TECHNOLOGIES INC., Calgary, Canada. (403) 802-2552.


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